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    I have been trying to contact you through in-game parcel post but due the response delay i assume that you haven't been online the last 2 days, i wanted to talk to you regarding the next vanarch elections, would be cool if you contact me (Kyary.Pamyu.Pamyu) or Operator (Temptress.Destiny) through parcel post or in our Teamspeak Server.

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    I would like to suggest the making of a thread (either members only or public) on which we would state what classes are we missing or need more. Obviously this will not be used for recruiting purposes but more for a "guideline" to what is needed.
    For example myself now am starting to consider rolling an alt ( fully happy with my warrior class but a change isn't that bad once in a while). Tera's mechanics are interesting enough that I am thinking I could roll anything but a zerker/slayer atm. So why not take advantage of it and roll something helpful for the guild?

    I am more than willing to help for the creation of such a thread but my timezone being 7h away from most members I don't think I have a good perception of the big picture. Still I could help anyone making it (stats/active/inactive members etc...)
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    Hey man! I won't be able to play for 1 month, until 14 of Juny because I am about to end high school and my school requires all my time in the day especially for the the exams which will be 3 weeks long. I also had a problem in Tera because of my video card Radeon hd 4450 1gb. I could play it but at presets 2 or some other modifications and it wasn't still very smooth, so I will be back with a GTX 560 ti 2gb ready to play all day as I did, I will be waiting! Thanks for understanding
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    Our mumble informations:
    port: 6000

    I'll be in our public Tera room after 9p, stop by anytime. Vessa, Skywise and Xanoric also speak for the guild if I"m not there.
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    Hey, Grimholtt was saying you had an MC server ( minecraft ) and I was about to start one up and wanted to know if you wanted to get a nice one. I have about 4 or 5 people that play with me so I was thinking of the 20$ pack at as the host. Shoot me a line and let me know if its something your interested in or not.
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    Thanks i get a lot of crap for it but i think its cool
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Seven Weeks of Playstation 3

by Audible on 2012-01-10 at 07:17 PM
Fall is always the worst for me. I usually have about 3-4 MMOs I am playing or beta testing at the same time, in addition to all the new PC and console games that come out before the Christmas season my plate is pretty full in the Fall. But it seems that this Winter I am going to be very busy on my Playstation 3, so I hope you all have your PS3′s in top form, because they are going to get a lot of use starting today and leading into spring. Five HUGE games, starting today with the release

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Rift: Planes of Telara Review

by Audible on 2011-05-10 at 08:58 PM
Rift: Planes of Telara Review May 1st 2011 Mike Washburn

I generally struggle with the first paragraph of a review. In fact I have delayed writing many reviews as I write and re-write the opening salvo many times over in my head trying to find the right words. The opening paragraph of a review needs some obvious elements, but most importantly the writer needs to give the reader a very small glimpse of what they think of the game, without letting the cat out of the bag entirely.

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The Holy Grail of MMORPG's

by Audible on 2011-04-18 at 08:31 PM
I think the holy grail of the current generation of MMOs is dynamic, exciting and engaging player controlled housing and economies. The list below is my wish list. While most current gen MMOs have some of the features below, none of them have it all. The game that has it all is a game that is immersive, strategically dense, exciting and a game that you log into every day for years. Tell me what you think!

Allow players to craft, expand, tear down, move and design their online

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Stronghold Kingdoms Review

by Audible on 2011-04-05 at 07:54 AM
Stronghold Kingdoms Review Mike Washburn April 4th 2011

Its clear we have come through yet another transitional phase in gaming. Transitions are not wholly unfamiliar to gamers, since as it is with most technology products, the tastes and demands of the player change as the technology changes. While browser based games have been around for some time, they were mostly a fringe development, relegated to indie studios or dudes in their basement with java or shockwave training

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Perpetuum Review

by Audible on 2011-03-20 at 10:48 AM
Perpetuum Review Mike Washburn March 20th 2011

Over the last ten years we have seen the dawning of the modern MMO. While Everquest, Anarchy Online, and others even before them, were popular in the late 90s early 2000s, games such as Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) and World of Warcraft (WOW) really pushed MMOs into the mainstream. Gaming at the turn of the century was dominated by Counter-Strike, Quake and the like. WOW made it cool for any gamer to play a game featuring elves and

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