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  • Code of Conduct - FAQ

    Code of Conduct: Frequently Asked Questions

    I don't think racial/sexual/other slurs are a big deal. They're just words. Can you lighten up?

    No. Part of respect is doing something to help others not feel attacked and for us that includes avoiding slurs of this nature.

    I don't think I can play with Tribe in chapter X because of Y, is that ok?

    We do consider exceptions for those that approach us and request one.
    Here are some common exceptions that we generally approve:

    - Grandfathered: If you are currently playing a different game with another guild than the one you are joining Tribe for we don't expect you to quit and join us. We do expect you to roll with us in new chapters.
    - Side Group of Friends: If you are raiding or playing a main game with us and would like to play with another group on the side, but are still heavily active in Tribe.
    - Time Zone/Language: If your schedule does not allow you to raid or enjoy other time or language sensitive parts of a game with us.
    - Server Type: If our server choice sucks the fun out of game for you (You will be asked and badgered to consider rolling with us, so be prepared to be wanted).
    - Paid Sponsorship

    I don't think I can play with Tribe in chapter X because of Y, is that ok (Part 2)?

    Here are some common requests that we almost always deny:

    -Better Raid Team: If you want a better raid team help us build and train one! We are not a stepping stone, but a group that works together to build something bigger than the lootscore of your avatars.
    -Personal Conflict: We remove people that are disrespectful, overly obnoxious, etc. So we believe that anyone left should be able to find away to get along, not be BFFs, just get along. We have people that can help those that want help to resolve issues they are struggling with.
    -I prefer my old guild: We're sorry you feel that way, and respect your choices. Please respect us enough to quietly let us know and then just walk away.
    -I want XYZ and you guys don't have it: If you want it then build it here. If you feel like someone is holding you back let an officer know. Our goal is to build and make this place better, not to prevent progress.

    I got an exception, but I still want to talk to Tribe members in that chapter, can I do that?

    Yes. Once you receive an exception we will remove your access to the members section for that game, but you are still welcome to communicate via mumble and the public section of our forums.

    Can I be removed for abusing my exception to not play with Tribe?

    - Please do not compare your guild to ours. Or talk about how they do X different or better.
    - Please do not insert yourself heavily into decisions for that chapter.
    - And definitely, no poaching (This will lead to instant removal of membership).

    For reason X my character left guild in a game, but I didn't join another guild and want back in?

    We will remove membership for anyone that leaves guild in game without prior communication to simplify the administrative process. If you find yourself removed when you should not have been just send your CL a PM with your reasons and he'll get your membership re-instated.

    When I get sad I stop being sad and be Awesome instead. True Story.

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    Please submit any future inquiries to my PM box.

    When I get sad I stop being sad and be Awesome instead. True Story.