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    What is your first name?

    Please tell us your age and location.
    26 Greenville South Carolina

    In a few sentences, please tell us about yourself as a person.
    work at Furman University in the maintenance work on big motors and air handlers HVAC units
    have a 3 year old daughter that i raise solo and care dearly for. she comes first no matter what.
    In a few sentences, tell us about yourself as a gamer. For example, what is your gaming history?
    gaming history...Jaws on NES Original Zelda duck hunt, Turok and mario cart on N64 been raiding in WoW for more than 10 years
    play BF4 some if anyone is still on that.
    What are you looking for in the Tribe community?
    Looking to down bosses and get better with people who are like minded. and are 2 raiders that ive known longer than anyone
    who raid in this guild and would like to get back with them
    What will you bring to the Tribe community?
    laughter, understanding of mechanics and class knowledge, always willing to help someone
    a killer Herbert the Pervert Voice and a so so Cartman voice
    To give us an idea of your sense of humor, tell us a joke!
    A murloc walks into the Underbelly of Dalaran and sits at the bar,
    Bar maiden walks up and asks what will it be? Murloc says "mrgl(cough) ill have a martini
    What game are you currently playing, and game(s) are you interested in playing?
    WoW and BF4
    Tell us about any characters you have, or plan to have, in those games. Include details such as name, class, and role.

    Fire mage Prot Paladin Sub Rogue (Fire Mage is main- 848 willing to swap if need)(

    Tribe has a variety of players with a variety of interests. What are your interests in these games? Raiding? Scenarios / Battlegrounds? PvP? PvE? etc...

    Raiding just want to raid. current guild is wanting me to lead a 2nd raid team thru progression and let their alts come in and loot funnel and i feel that is wrong.

    On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being very casual, and 10 being very hardcore what is your ATTITUDE?
    i would say that i am a solind 8

    How active of a gamer do you consider yourself to be? How many hours per week do you estimate you play?Tags:None

    i play everyday between 2 and 4 hours depending. weekends i play a little more. and nearly all day friday before 5pm

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    Hey Blake,

    Sorry no one has commented yet on here, We're kind of in a weird place between not using a lot of Forums since Discord is so useful. Was talking to you a bit over the weekend i believe(or i could be haluinating again...) Are you already on Thrall server? If so just pop into Discord(if you still have information) and im sure we can get you set up with us, always welcome skilled players who don't need to be told fire hurts.

    Joey is cool.


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      Yes I xferred over Saturday to play with some guildies from the Kara days and before then. Here's looking at you Tam. And yes was looking for good times with good peeps standing in fire is bad unless your friends do it too