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  • WoW Illidana application

    Hello. My name is Mary, I am Deathprime's sister.

    He suggested yesterday I should submit an application with you guys. Please see below my answer's to your WoW Application questions.

    In a few sentences, please tell us about yourself as a person.
    I'm very easy going, I have an 8 to 6 job, not very talkative at first but I loosen up pretty quickly given the opportunity. I'm a more of a visual learner. I'm single at the moment, moved in with my sister and her husband to help out with the baby girl coming up in October (w00t).

    In a few sentences, tell us about yourself as a gamer. For example, what is your gaming history?
    I'm exclusively playing WoW now, however I just started dabbling with Overwatch a few days ago. GTA Vice City is one of my favorites console games, along with Red Dead Revolver and Cabela's Big Game Hunter.

    What are you looking for in the Tribe community?
    Having fun playing WoW.

    What will you bring to the Tribe community?
    Love helping out with Achievements regardless if I have done the already or not. I can hold my own with a pally tank, love my hunter to death, made a mage for port services and because Fire mages are the most fun to play. So my tanking and dps services can contribute the community. Bringing me as a healer for the community however...I would probably have it burn to the ground as I feel healing is not my best asset.

    To give us an idea of your sense of humor, tell us a joke!
    How many babies does it take to paint a house? ...depends on how hard you throw them.

    What game are you currently playing, and game(s) are you interested in playing?
    Given it's a WoW application, this is my main interest. But as I mentioned earlier, Overwatch sparked an interest recently.

    Tell us about any characters you have, or plan to have, in those games. Include details such as name, class, and role.
    Currently I run two accounts on World of Warcraft. My main toon being a pally tank/ret, Bumble▀prime on Thrall. BM hunter, Illidana. Fire mage Misstres, feral/moonkin druid Snookiscooka, just to name a few characters I play on a regular basis.
    As far as Overwatch, the new character Ana is of interest soley for the fact she's more of an elderly character and I'm pretty sure she has strong motherly insticts towards Pharah which can make for an amazing lore story.

    Tribe has a variety of players with a variety of interests. What are your interests in these games? Raiding? Scenarios / Battlegrounds? PvP? PvE? etc...
    I love PVE and roleplaying. Raiding is of interest if I'm equipped with dedicated team mates that won't waste time and love challenges and overcoming obstacles. I was an avid PvPer back in the day but stopped once Arena came into the picture.
    On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being very casual, and 10 being very hardcore what is your ATTITUDE?
    As a player, a 7.

    How active of a gamer do you consider yourself to be? How many hours per week do you estimate you play?
    About 4 hours a day during the week after work and about 6-7 hours during the weekend, unless I have family and friends events, gatherings, etc.

    Jordhav Family

    Oronis / John
    Battlnet ID: Oronis#1392
    XBOX Live: Oronis
    Steam: Oronis22

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    Hi Mary,

    Glad to see your application, Feel free to jump into discord channels so we can get to know you, Think I've seen you and deathprime chillin in other channels over the past few days.

    Joey is cool.