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  • WoW application - Keltelie

    What is your first name? Adam
    Please tell us your age and location. 28, Illinois, USA
    In a few sentences, please tell us about yourself as a person. I'm an avid gamer and registered Nurse. I have a fiance who I live with. I have a somewhat random work schedule, so finding times I can be on consistently each week may be a problem, but I will be on often.
    In a few sentences, tell us about yourself as a gamer. For example, what is your gaming history?. I enjoy learning new games and mastering games that I play. I mostly play PC games, at this time League of Legends and WoW.
    What are you looking for in the Tribe community? A community of friendly people to play WoW with and help out in dungeons and raiding as I am able.
    What will you bring to the Tribe community? A friendly, if sarcastic, manner and help to those who need it.
    To give us an idea of your sense of humor, tell us a joke! A neutrino walks into a bar and orders a draft. When the neutrino goes to pay the bill the bartender says, "For you, no charge."
    What game are you currently playing, and game(s) are you interested in playing? Currently I'm playing LoL and WoW. Would like to be playing Rise of the Tomb raider, DOOM, and maybe the newest Dark Souls game.
    Tell us about any characters you have, or plan to have, in those games. Include details such as name, class, and role. My league account is Kelty13, I mainly play Vel'koz, Miss Fortune, and Volibear. In WoW I have a disc priest, destro warlock, and a tank druid.
    Tribe has a variety of players with a variety of interests. What are your interests in these games? Raiding? Scenarios / Battlegrounds? PvP? PvE? etc... I mostly play PvE content, if I'm online I'm always willing to run dungeons or help in raids. I would rather not do PvP or battlegrounds.
    On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being very casual, and 10 being very hardcore what is your ATTITUDE? I would say about a 7? I am willing to learn and try to be the best I can be, knowing I'll never be the best. I also accept that not everyone is like that and don't yell or complain when other people aren't perfect.
    How active of a gamer do you consider yourself to be? How many hours per week do you estimate you play? I pretty much play constantly when I'm not at work, except when doing irl stuff with my fiance. So about 30-50 hours a week?

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    Thanks for applying!

    Make sure to join us in Discord in order to get some face time with our members.

    Ask anyone for a guild invite, but let them know you're an applicant.

    I'll give it a week or two, and then make a decision based on their recommendations.

    Jordhav Family

    Oronis / John
    Battlnet ID: Oronis#1392
    XBOX Live: Oronis
    Steam: Oronis22