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    Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I've last talked to a lot of you here. Figured I'd stop by and let you guys know about a new MMORPG that I recently learned about, hopefully I'll be playing it with some old faces when it gets released! That means you guys btw

    The game is Ashes of Creation, it is currently still in early production, so only basic things are known about the game, I'll post a link to a forum FAQ towards the end of this post. Quick and basic info is a standard fantasy style MMO with some new ideas for player interaction with each other and the world. The group making this game, Intrepid Studios, was founded solely for the creation of this game by a well off gamer (I've met him, cool guy), so it's not a AAA title looking for maximum profit.

    Now for a few link:

    This here is a shameless referral link for myself, in case you want to sign up. Costs you nothing, but I get goodies if you chose to play the game in the future. If you want to register without my reference, just remove everything after the .com and procceed:

    Link to forum with FAQ:

    And finally, a link to their youtube. It only has three videos up atm, but like I said, the game is still very early in development.

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    Other than it looking superbly Prety... don't show much more lol...

    Joey is cool.