• New GW2 Second in Command! Ventashar!

    Congratulations to Ventashar, for stepping up from Recruitment Guide to be the Second in Command of Tribe's Guild Wars 2 chapter!

    In this new role he will function as my body/stunt double, running WvW in my absence, assisting with recruiting, be thrown from heights, growing a beard like Commander Riker, and more!

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    1. Xine's Avatar
      Xine -
      Congrats Vent! Do us proud.
    1. Gothran's Avatar
      Gothran -
      Grow a beard. DO IT.
      I don't need to with my last name ;3
    1. Griphus's Avatar
      Griphus -
      congratulations man.
    1. Ventashar's Avatar
      Ventashar -
      Thanks everyone!

      I will do my best, Xine.

      Also yes Grant, I will grow the beard.
    1. Sharess's Avatar
      Sharess -
    1. Ventashar's Avatar
      Ventashar -
      Mmm, grits. Grits and eggs, perhaps? If so, that sounds very tasty right now.
    1. Sedanis's Avatar
      Sedanis -
      Grats man!
    1. Niyogi's Avatar
      Niyogi -
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      Black Dynamite -
    1. Rib's Avatar
      Rib -

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    1. Deon's Avatar
      Deon -
      Wait, you can grow facial hair now?