• Congratulations Kinrina/Ashirika on completing Twilight!

    Having been working towards a Legendary since release, Ashirika has completed Twilight on his Mesmer Kinrina!

    He joins Ventashar in Tribe's Club of Legendary Wielders, while those of us who are still working on ours look on with envy!

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    1. Dino's Avatar
      Dino -
      Grats bro!
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      Park -
      Congratulations Ash!
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      Marius Damocles -
      Gratz Ash!
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      Sedanis -
      Good work, grats man!
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      Goth -
      I thought for a second we were congratulating someone for actually being able to stomach and finish all the Twillight books. Gratz on your shiny.