• New Guild Wars 2 Guide, Ventashar!

    Congratulations is in order for Ventashar on his promotion to Recruitment Guide!

    In his position Vent will be actively recruiting potential members to, and handling the application process for our chapter!

    When the man with Twilight asks you to check out his guild, you probably should check out his guild.

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      Park -
      Grats Ven! Our GW2 community is definitely getting a step in the right direction!

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      Griphus -
      Congratulations. I hear good things, and look forward to working with you.
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      Deon -
      This picture is misleading, he's actually the short dude on the right.
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      Griphus -
      i should also mention that is a sweet looking tunic & armor colors!
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      Sedanis -
      Grats man, pumped that you're taking this on!
    1. Ventashar's Avatar
      Ventashar -
      Thank you everyone! I'm proud to be a member of Tribe, and I'll do my best to get some more excellent players into Tribe.

      @Griphus, I look forward to working with you as well! I also went with those colors since they not only match Twilight, but Tribe as well.
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      Woo hoo, make in moves Rob. #excited
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