• Congratulations Ventashar on completing Tribe's first GW2 Legendary!

    After two months working at this spending mountains of gold, farming obsidian shards, and gambling for mystic coins...

    Ventashar presents to you, Twilight

    Here are some pictures of Ventashar modeling this wicked looking greatsword!

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    1. Lanfear's Avatar
      Lanfear -
    1. Dino's Avatar
      Dino -
      JEALOUS, Congrats!
    1. Biancs's Avatar
      Biancs -
      Such a freaking cool weapon!
    1. Ventashar's Avatar
      Ventashar -
      Thanks guys!

      For anyone who's planning on going for a Legendary: SAVE ALL OF YOUR KARMA. ALL OF IIIIIIIIIIT.

      I'm contemplating on another one to be honest, but I might just save up and see the next set of Legendary weapons that come out first. Maybe even armor if that's anytime soon.
    1. Griphus's Avatar
      Griphus -
      very cool guy. congratulations!
    1. Deon's Avatar
      Deon -
      I have to say, for how much money you always had in GW1 since I've known you, I'm not surprised. :P

    1. Park's Avatar
      Park -
      Congrats Ven! That's exciting.

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    1. lightninstrikr's Avatar
      lightninstrikr -
      Congratz again you richie richerson you! :P
    1. barrid's Avatar
      barrid -
      Shit that thing looks BADASS.
    1. Ventashar's Avatar
      Ventashar -
      Thanks everyone! And that's exactly why I got it, Barrid. Lol.
    1. Bugowt's Avatar
      Bugowt -
      awesome dood. congratz
    1. Xine's Avatar
      Xine -
      Pretty sweet! Kudos to you.
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      Black Dynamite -
    1. Sedanis's Avatar
      Sedanis -
      He totally makes our WvW squad look badass now!

      Grats again man
    1. Biancs's Avatar
      Biancs -
      This thing is even cooler in person!
    1. Gothran's Avatar
      Gothran -
      It's cool... I guess...