• Mogu'shan Vaults Cleared, Kills First Boss in Heart of Fear 25-Man!

    After a few nights of pure attempts on Emperor, Tribe defeats the encounter in 11:44 minutes. Everyone stepped up their game to improve their performance. This encounter is also our best 25 man world kill so far this expansion!

    We moved on to Heart of Fear and killed Zor'lok with a near flawless one-shot! Some folks already hate this fight due to his Attenuation ability.

    We tried a few attempts at Blade Lord Ta'yak before calling it a night. Our best attempt was around 6%!

    Great night Tribe!

    Special thanks to Barret (Babyshixx) for providing the kill video!
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    1. Sharess's Avatar
      Sharess -
      GRATS TRIBE!!! Can't wait to progress some tonight!
    1. Despaire's Avatar
      Despaire -
      Grats guys
      Wish I could be apart of it!