• Tribe takes down Stone Guard on 25

    Congratulations to our 25 man raid team on going in this week and taking out the Stone Guard, the first boss in Mogu'Shan Vaults.

    We cleared these guys on 10 man last week, securing us a spot towards the top of the server. Clearing them on 25 this week puts us at the second-place 25-man team on the server.

    Of course, there were plenty of wipes to go along with it. You can (and should) check those babies out here:

    Great work, folks!
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    1. Lanfear's Avatar
      Lanfear -
      That was intense!
    1. Sharess's Avatar
      Sharess -
      Agreed, that was ludicrous.
    1. Sintoxicity's Avatar
      Sintoxicity -
      Wow, grats guys that looks insane!
    1. Toknowuby's Avatar
      Toknowuby -

      Told you he and his friends would die!!! Muahahaha!
    1. Griphus's Avatar
      Griphus -
      i was expecting him to be all smashed up in that picture this time.

    1. Sharess's Avatar
      Sharess -
      I did too!!! - Thought I was the only one lol.
    1. Toknowuby's Avatar
      Toknowuby -
      Can't...it was a gift from my boss When I quit, I'll smash it!