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    Tribe was conceptualized and founded as a Hardcore Diablo II guild on the US-East server called “Warriors of Death” in 2001. The concept was a simple one: create a community of competent players that are also good people. We were active in the Hardcore Diablo II sphere as a small community for several years. Even with perma-death, the community eventually trivialized all game content and accumulated a stockpile of in-game wealth large enough to lead us towards other challenges.

    Our next foray took place in a popular Warcraft III custom map called Defense of the Ancients: Allstars. Here we ran the largest fan-based game creation clearing house simply called “The DotA Place,” or clan TDP for short. Our goal stayed the same: create a community of competent players that are also good people. Our focus was on putting together respectful, competitive games on a large scale. This lasted for another couple of years, until the release of World of Warcraft.

    World of WarCraft and its rise to popularity changed the multiplayer gaming world forever, and we were right there on the front edge of it. We dusted off the “Warriors of Death” guild name and hit Bloodscalp Horde hard.

    At over 300 people, we were one of the longest standing, most successful guilds on the server. Memories include: wiping in Stratholme with the first 40 people to hit max level, crashing the server when we organized a horde-side raid on Ironforge,

    fielding more than 80 people for guild vs. guild open-world PvP before battlegrounds existed,

    and generally enjoying the hell out of ourselves in whatever we decided to pursue through all of “vanilla” WoW.

    We also had the fantastic experience of renting out a block of rooms in Chicago for a weekend get together.

    By the time The Burning Crusade rolled around, we were ready for a break from the cartoony style and universe of WarCraft. Hellgate (read: Failgate) London was just around the bend, and as a community with roots in Diablo II, we trusted Bill Roper not to lead us astray. Six years after Warriors of Death was conceptualized, we took the opportunity to give ourselves a name more appropriate to our goal and culture: Tribe was born.

    Hellgate: London was a flop, but Tribe continued to perform. Several of our players were among the first to complete the game in North America. We also landed our first radio interviews for hosting various PvP tournaments.

    From the sinking ship of HG:L, we moved to Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning where we achieved and maintained a reputation for excellence not only on our server, but nation-wide when we were ranked among the top guilds in PvP progression.

    One year later, WAR started to crumble. A disappearing player base and inefficient game engine lead to major system changes and server merges. AION was coming up and it was time for Tribe to give it a try. However, there were a few community members with a lot of Tribe pride that wanted to continue playing WAR. It was time to become a multi-game community.

    Our WAR Chapter continued to carry our dragon banner with pride while our AION chapter forayed into the world of PvPvE where Tribe was, again, nationally ranked and passionately engaged in all activities the game had to offer. Our high point in AION came when we were interviewed by AION’s community managers after being one of three guilds with a major contribution to the first North American Divine Fortress victory. In short, we beat the game.

    It was time to return to WoW, but another game from our past provided another opportunity at the same time. From the minds behind Defense of the Ancients, League of Legends was born. With many players having a history in Final Fantasy, we were also looking forward to the release of FFXIV. As a community, Tribe was now raiding competitively in WoW,

    fielding tournament teams in LoL, and launching a chapter in FFXIV. We maintained over 300 active members, with over 100 posts each day. It was time for a convention. A group of Tribers made the trek to a lake home in northern Minnesota to hang out and kill brain cells. TribeCon 2010 was a weekend of fun and memories that will not be forgotten.

    History in the making… expect big things regarding Rift: Planes of Telara, WoW, LoL, Guild Wars 2, and Diablo III.

    Tribe has a full, rich history of fun, success, and companionship. A decade in the making, our culture and goals remain the same. We are a community of competent players. We are active and passionate about gaming. We are good people. We are Tribe.

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