It is time to formally introduce the Tribe Guides of Elder Scrolls Online!

PvP: Dino is a longtime member of Tribe who predates myself, he has been a guide in multiple previous chapters. Shawn is relatively new member and first time guide so we have high hopes! Neothaos joined us back in Rift, and again for FF14 where he briefly took a stab at being a guide. As PvP guides they will each run at least one night of official PvP, and will lead our PvP groups out in Cyrodiil.

Recruitment: Ventashar, A member of Tribe who has previously been both a guide and second in command of previous chapters(FF and GW2). In this role he will be our primary contact within the chapter in regards to helping and processing applicants.

Quartermaster: Eldin, has served previously as the Event Guide in FF14. In this role he is our bank, and crafting manager. He will also be heading up a player run auction house on the side. We are looking forward to getting heavily involved with ESO's crafting system.

We are still looking to fill a few more roles so please check out our guide recruitment thread HERE

Screenshot by Niyogi
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