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  1. Dunmer Invasion; Yakuruto & AnjeerMartin join the ESO Leadership team!

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    Oh noes! We're being invaded! Just kidding. Please join me in welcoming Anj (@slyfox0) and Rigo to the ESO Leadership!

    Anj has only been with Tribe for a short time now, but in the short time has proven that she has what it takes to be our newest PvE Guide. Anj and Becky work very well together and have so before in previous games together. I have every confidence their history of working together and their amazing personalities will drive ...
  2. Congratulations to Niyogi, our new ESO Chapter Leader!

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    Amber, is a two year veteran of Tribe who has has been both a guide, and a member in multiple chapters. She has been effectively leading the Chapter Leader for a few weeks now, and I am now officially stepping aside for her to take on the full role.

    She has earned our confidence, and with Amber at the helm we rest easy knowing that the ship is in good hands. The ESO Chapter will keep on with Tribe's good name and keep Sheogorath out of ...
  3. A Wild Becky appears in the ESO Guide Team!

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    Becky, I choose you! To conquer dungeons, quests, bosses, and group content in ESO. Please join me in welcoming Becky to the ESO Guide team as our PvE Guide!

    Becky has been with us just going on 3 months now and in that short time has become a strong and positive presence in the ESO Chapter. She has already shown herself as someone who can be counted on to bring a group together and have fun.

    That girl, Crae, is ...
  4. Welcome Linda as our newest ESO Recruitment Guide!

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    Congratulations to and thank you Linda, on becoming a Recruitment Guide for Tribe in the ESO Chapter. As a guide she will work with Rob, and Amber in recruiting new members to Tribe.

    As any current or former Recruitment Guide can attest to,this is one of the hardest guide positions within the community. At the best of times you're sorting through dozens of applications, and at the worst of times you're scouring for potential members among ...
  5. we have missed you all! we will be back soon!

    To my Tribe family,
    we have been having some computer issues and have been unable to play in the last few weeks. we being my husband Dark Nemesis, and I Beautifully Broken. as soon as he gets his computer up and running again and i get more time off work then a few brief moments before passing out at night, then we will be back to play and catch up! we miss you all and hope that everyone is doing well and having fun!
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