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Tribe Fells Feng


  • Tribe Fells Feng the Accursed

    Tribe Defeats Feng the Accursed!

    Our Tank team have gone through a strenuous couple of weeks learning the first two bosses in the Vaults. They needed to execute a lot mechanics, positioning and movement. Hats off to them!

    Click image for larger version

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    On October 15th, we put together an extra progression raid night with an awesome turn-out, so we decided to try Feng on 25man. Although we didn't kill him on 25, many folks learned the encounter with a handful attempts. We bumped the raid down to a 10man, had a few more attempts and then killed him. 10man Feng is MUCH easier then the 25man version. It was important that we defeated Feng before the reset. Congratulations Tribe!

    We also took a few pop-shots at Gara'jal the Spiritbinder with some decent attempts.

    (Special thanks again to Tony for writing our article!)

    • Sharess
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      Re: Article: Tribe Fells Feng the Accursed

      Grats Tribe, pretty screenshot too!

    • Lanfear
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      Dead on 25man too. Hoorah!
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