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Tribe Gaming Review: Guild Wars 2 - Part I (1-20)


  • Tribe Gaming Review: Guild Wars 2 - Part I (1-20)


    The journey through an MMO is (should be) a process of discovery and excitement, with progress at various steps along the way. A proper review of an MMO should be the same. By taking the time to experience facets of the game at various intervals of level, the potential for a more full and detailed review is possible. Tribe Gaming's review of Guild Wars 2 is going to do just that. There will be four "moments of pause": levels 20, 40, 60 and 80, where I will take a few days to sit back and attempt to understand the game-play experience from the lens of those twenty levels and then also how it fits into the bigger picture. Doing this will allow a reader to truly understand how they might find the game if they haven't played it yet and most importantly, make an informed choice on whether Guild Wars 2 is right for them. Since this will be a chronological journey, we should the start!

    Buying, Installing and Updating

    Just as with most MMO's these days, there are plenty of puchasing tracts the consumer can take to get the game. Retail boxes are of course available at virtually every major retailer including Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada. The game is also available online, both directly from ArenaNet themselves as well as from online retailers such as Amazon (click HERE to search for Guild Wars 2 through Amazon!) ArenaNet offered three flavors of the title for you to choose from: Digital Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition and Collectors Edition. You can learn more about the differences between the versions by visiting the Guild Wars 2 purchase page. It is important to note that due to the immense demand of the game, including the word of mouth purchases now coming in, the game is not available to be purchased through ArenaNet directly. The developers have shut down their direct online sales to accomodate for increased traffic that retail box purchases will bring in. If you have not purchased the game yet, your best bet is a retail box at the moment.

    By way of commentary, has anyone ever seen a company so confident in their product and their customers that they would be willing to forego direct sales to maintain a solid customer experience in the game? ArenaNet President and co-founder Mike O’Brien said he would do it if demand continued and he did. These folks know they have a hit game and are going to make money hand over fist in the cash shop along with retail sales (more on the business model later) - they have absolutely nothing to worry about.

    Installing and patching Guild Wars 2 is as simple as any other MMO, with no real deviation from the current methods. The launcher has news and updates about the state of the game and like LOTRO, Guild Wars 2 will auto-login to the game once it is done patching if you want it to. Patching, of course, will progressively get longer from a fresh install as the game continues to be updated.

    Character creation is pretty standard fare for a modern AAA MMO with plenty of options for customizing your character. At this point in MMO design, Guild Wars 2 seems to meet the general expectations that you would have for character design.

    Initial Gameplay Thoughts

    Coming from playing TERA, the first thing you would notice is we are back at "tab targetting" for combat
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